Topaz Donald Aus ND Buck
Topaz Donald Aus ND Buck
Murrungowar Harlequin AusND Buck Kid
Harlequin Aus ND Buck Kid
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The Nigerian Dwarf is a miniature dairy goat of West African origin. They were imported into the USA, where the breed was developed further to have a conformation similar to that of the larger dairy goat breeds. At great cost and time, these genetics  (semen and embryos) have recently been imported into Australia as live goat imports into Australia are not permitted for biosecurity reasons. To develop the breed in Australia, registered Australian Nigerian Dwarf  (ND) goats are being bred up through a grading system to a recognised full blood percentage.


Our foundation herd was sourced from Nina Smith of  Murrungowar Dairy Goats in Victoria in early 2016.  The Buck, Topaz Donald, was bred with imported US genetics by Rhonda Patton, who also has a strong focus on the milking qualities of the Nigerian Dwarf. The original outcrossing of imported goat genetics with these high quality Australian dairy goats has improved both hybrid vigour and milking quality PLUS it ensures we have a healthy and unique version of the Nigerian Dwarf  "mini milker" goat here in Australia. A small number of kids will be available in November 2016,  with our next kiddings planned for July 2017.  There is great interest in this breed and joining our waiting list is recommended.


At present Australian Nigerian Dwarf Goats can be registered by two miniature goat associations:


Australian All Breeds of Miniature Goat Society Inc. (AABMGS) 


Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia Inc. (MGBA).

As this is a dairy breed, Australian Nigerian Dwarf owners are also encouraged to register their goats with dairy societies such as the Australian Dairy Goat Inc which is run with the assistance of Holstein Australia. The ADG Inc enables ND breeders and producers to be recognised for the milking qualities of their goats.


Of course membership in any of these associations is a matter of personal choice. All hold pedigree information for the registered goats and offspring to allow verification of percentage genetics, heights as adults etc and assist those working to improve the breed in Australia. DNA tests are encouraged (or required depending on association) for showing/breeding purposes.


Nigerian Dwarf Colors is a handy US web page with details on the different qualities of the ND

The Nigerian Dairy Goat Association details some interesting facts on the development of the breed in the USA


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