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At ArikirA, we breed top quality purebred maremma sheepdogs for use as livestock guardians on our farm and via a waiting list for others on large property. We are a registered breeder with Dogs QLD and the Australian National Kennel Council.


Whilst we breed for purpose, we also breed to type using the best Australian and Italian champion lines to improve genetic diversity, conformation and size of our dogs. This means our dogs have the potential to succeed both on the farm and in the show ring.

We only breed when we need new dogs for ourselves and sell any additional puppies at that time. When we have registered purebred puppies for sale they start from $1500 - ranging from desexed male LGD pups up to registered pedigree bitches for breeding, livestock guarding and showing.  Our pups are sold exposed to (and having lived with) our miniature goats for several weeks, and pups are usually not available until they are at least 9-10 weeks old.


We also take in, retrain and help rehome Maremmas surrendered from farms whenever we can:  Maremma Rescue QLD


It can take two years to fully train a maremma to do the job they were bred to do. Purchasing a puppy should only be undertaken after fully investigating Maremmas and understanding the challenges you can face with this delightful breed.

Please take your time to review the resources below - we have found them useful in our own journey and hope you will too...


Best Practice Manual for the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs 



Useful Links

A great article on how to start training your Maremma puppy  -  replace chicken with species of interest...

Maremmano - Katrina Jeffery

Using LGDs to control wild dogs

Managing the Maremma

Maremma FAQs

American Maremma Sheepdog Society

ANKC Maremma Sheepdog Breed Standard

Maremma Sheepdog  Breed information by Jane Harvey

Canine Hip Dysplasia - VIN


Canine HipDysplasia - to Breed or not to Breed ...



Guardian animals protecting livestock Australia - Maremmas Webinar


Livestock Guardian Dogs: Working on Common Ground


1. Common Sense Puppy Training - Starting the lead & long lead  "Supervising your puppy into a rich life!"

2, Common Sense Puppy Training - Introducing the stay

3. Common Sense Puppy Training - Acclimating the dog for veterinary examinations

Obedience training a LGD - sit stay paw handling

LGD puppies still training with livestock - correcting play/chasing behaviour with livestock 

Making training mistakes happens to us all


Guardian Dogs - The Maremma

Quick and Easy Dog Nail Trimming using a Dremel

Auto Feed System for Livestock Guard Dogs - LGD - Dog Feeder - I really love this feeder idea!

Remote feeding station

Lifestock guardian dogs: The correct behavior in front of Lifestock guardian dogs

Swampys Maremmas



Livestock Protection Dogs Selection, Care and Training By O. Dawydiak, D.E. Sims

Livestock Guardians : Using Dogs, Donkeys and Llamas to Protect Your Herd By (author) Janet Vorwald Dohner


Scintilli Pearla- This little darling on the right joined ArikirA in February 2016 from Scintilli Stud in NSW - isnt she beautiful!


Her sire is an Australian Champion, imported from Italy


Her Dam is also an Australian Champion and has wonderful Australian lines

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