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The Going into Goats guide

The MLA GiG Guide has 11 modules that address different aspects of the goat production system - all goat owners and breeders can benefit from something within these modules.


NLIS and PIC  requirements for goats


Unless forced by predators, goats will generally go under or through fences rather than over them, so hingejoint (8-90-30)/ringlock/stiffstay or electric fencing is recommended rather than 4/5 strand barb wire. Depending on the goats, some barb or plain  wire fences may be protected by using 1-2 rows of electric outrigger starting fairly low to the ground.

The selection is generally based on your goats, your predators and your pocket...

We use a combination of 6 strand electric, electric off sets and stiffstay.

Goat Fencing - NSW Ag Facts

Planning Sheep and Goat Fencing

Goat Fencing - great discussion  on this vid re electric fence requirements

How to Tie A Termination Knot - Joule Shield Hi Strain End Insulator 

How to tie a Figure 8 knot under tension

How To Tie A Figure 8 Knot

Predator Control

To minimise predator attacks on our farm we use a combination of night penning, Maremma livestock dog guarding, electric and improved fencing (stiff stay or equimesh).


Best Practice Manual for the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs

Useful Links

Maremman0 - Katrina Jeffery

A great article on how to start training your Maremma puppy  - just replace chicken with species of interest...

Using LGDs to control wild dogs

UK Maremma Breeder - Charlotte Walsh

American Maremma Sheepdog Society

Maremma FAQs


Guardian animals protecting livestock Australia - Maremmas Webinar


Common Sense Puppy Training - Starting the lead & long lead  "Supervising your puppy into a rich life!"

Common Sense Puppy Training - Introducing the stay

Common Sense Puppy Training - Acclimating the dog for veterinary examinations

Obedience training a LGD - sit stay paw handling

Making training mistakes -  happens to us all!!

Guardian Dogs - The Maremma

Quick and Easy Dog Nail Trimming using a Dremel

Auto Feed System for Livestock Guard Dogs - LGD - Dog Feeder - I really love this feeder idea!

Remote feeding station

Lifestock guardian dogs: The correct behavior in front of Lifestock guardian dogs

Swampys Maremmas


Livestock Protection Dogs Selection, Care and Training By O. Dawydiak, D.E. Sims

Livestock Guardians : Using Dogs, Donkeys and Llamas to Protect Your Herd By (author) Janet Vorwald Dohner



Predator Control

Guardian animals protecting livestock - Using Alpacas

Guardian animals protecting livestock - Using Donkeys


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